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Michael Canet, Host of the Savvy Investor TV show and the CEO of Prostatis Financial Group Joins Kraig to talk about how he helps clients create and grow wealth, protect and preserve it, and distribute it the most tax efficient manner while alive and after you have passed.

As founding member of Prostatis Group, LLC, Michael has built his business and reputation on the stability he provides for his clients. His retirement and estate planning carefully allocates their assets so that they can retire with the confidence, income and tax-deferred wealth protection they need to create the quality of life they deserve.

Michael is the author of Surviving the Perfect Storm - enter to win a free copy today.

We focus more on the income creation during retirement - along with estate and tax planning. Chico & The Man. "That's not my Job"  - Prostatis says "That is my Job.

Beneficiary designation mistake?  Lisa recently passed at young age. She had a TSP. We warned her to get out of there but did not get round to it. Struck with breast cancer. Sadly, we ended up doing death bead planning. 

The advisor that got you to retirement probably isn't the advisor to get you through retirement.

Income Planning Lessons

Establish reasonable income expectations

Take the least amount of risk necessary to accomplish your income goals

Diversification - is not how much you make, its how much you keep

What is sequence of returns and why does it matter during retirement?

Market drops + your income = massive losses!

The proper balance of investments and actuarial assets such as annuities. 


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