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David johnson is a Chartered Life Underwriter and financial advisor with over 20 years of experience.  He graduated from Wheaton College and joined his father's financial practice in 1996.  David is an award winning professional and is passionate about helping people protect their families and plan for the best possible retirement.

David focusses on - Personal life insurance and retirement planning, along with business buy/sell and key person insurance planning

In this episode, David share the story about how his own father planned for and entered retirement.  His father understood long ago that the purpose of planning for retirement is not just to accumulate assets but to ultimately, as Forbes states, turn those into income.

Thankfully David's father had this in mind years ago.

In planning for retirement, David's father put together a portfolio that not only included some liquid assets, real estate, and retirement accounts, but also permanent life insurance that was equal in value to his retirement accounts.  David explains that his father was then able to leverage his life insurance to create significant lifetime income from his retirement assets.

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