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In this episode, Kraig interviews Mindy Skaggs who shares her experience of living with the after effects of her husbands devastating disability.

Mindy & Bill Skaggs have been married for 32 years.  Up until a few years ago, everything was on track.  Their kids were all healthy and doing well and Mindy worked part time at the local school district.  Bill had a great career in the aerospace industry and life was good.  Mindy and the kids are still healthy but something no one could have imagined, especially Bill, happed one day and changed everything.

The family returned from a vacation cruise on a Sunday.  Bill left for work the next day as usual.  The next morning, while Bill was talking about the cruise with his friend at work, he suddenly stopped talking and fell to the floor. 

Bill had a massive stroke. To make things worse, he struck his head so badly, that doctors would not be able to give him vital stroke treatment medication once he reached the hospital.

Life changed for Skaggs family that day.  The day the unthinkable happened.
The best laid plans for a great retirement were completely derailed by Bill's stroke.  He would no longer be able to work or earn an income.  Mindy now carries the weight of their financial future on her shoulders alone.

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