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Welcome to the Personal Pension Radio Podcast, where it's all about preparing today so that you can sit back and reap the retirement lifestyle benefits later! Discover time tested strategies to help lower your taxes, cut your expenses, and focus on maximizing your lifestyle today without sacrificing your retirement lifestyle or legacy tomorrow.

Join us as we help you avoid the advice offered by unlicensed financial entertainers and the Wall Street marketing machine. We uncover financial strategies that empower you to break away from the herd. Success does not come from a product or a singular strategy. Savings, investing, tax strategies, estate preparation, insurance, goal-setting, income strategies, and lifestyle design must all be considered from a macro perspective.

Wealth accumulation is an important component of a financial plan; however, the size of your 401k account, stock portfolio or defined benefit plan, the balance of your accounts can overshadow what is most important - the income they can provide. As you prepare for the sale of your business or retirement, the question you should be asking is, "what will my income be and will I be able to preserve my lifestyle"? You can retire or sell your business with your lifestyle intact. Don't settle for inaccurate and incomplete information from Financial Entertainers. There is a better way!

One of the greatest ways to build wealth is to start your own business. This can be a scary proposition for some and an exciting adventure for others.  Debbie Blackford started her entrepreneurial journey 18 years ago when she decided to go from being a Mary Kay cosmetics customer to becoming an Independent Sales Director with the company. 




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