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The financial media marketing machine focussed on accumulation.  Save more!  What's your number?!  Whill you have enough to retire?  Almost every message we hear from Fox Business to Bloomberg tells us that the solution to wealth and long term retirement is to accumulate more money.  While a fat 401k is an imporant part of the retirement puzzle, its not the solution to the best possible lifestyle income in retirement. 

There is sadly little attention paid to the most important first step in any financial journey.  Protection is the most important first item on the welath building and retirement check list.

If your financial house is not fully protected, outside forces and individuals could potentially gain access to your money.  One bad car accident and a civil trial could leave your savings in jeopardy. 

Protection Includes:

Car Insurance

Home Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Business Insurance

Without proper protection, your financial house is vulnerable.  Build a strong moat of protection.

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