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Maximum retirement income is not found in a single product.  Achieving your ideal retirement lifestyle takes planning and a strategy that involves the proper balance between your financial assets.  Our goal at Personal Pension Radio is to help you complete your financial journey and live the retirement you dream of.


The road to retirement is not always an easy one. In the past, many people had pensions they could rely on for their post exit lifestyle income.  Today, retirement planning can be much harder.  Private pensions have been replaced by defined contribution plans such as IRA and 401k accounts. 


Many college students are finding it increasingly hard to find work in their chosen field after college.  Planning for retirement starts with being able to save. It is difficult to start saving for retirement when one does not have a good paying job. 

In this episode, Kraig Strom interviews Toushanta Hogan.  Toushanta is the founder of Scentsational Soaps. She started the business in 2007. Toushanta graduated from college and went on a relentless campaign to find a position that would utilize her education & business degrees. After unsuccessful attempts of locating the ideal job, she became worried. A close friend brought her a bar of natural soap. Toushonta was so intrigued by the properties of the soap as well as the effect it had on her skin that she decided to make her own. After positive reviews from her test market, Toushonta became thankful that her job search was unsuccessful as she found her purpose-Scentsational Soaps.


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