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The investment advisory community has an inherent conflict of interest when it comes to retirement income planning.  Investment advisors are compensated based on the assets they manage.  This works well during the accumulation phase of the retirement journey.  The client needs the retirement assets to grow. The investment advisor benefits from a the growth of the retirement assets. 

Conflict occurs when the client needs to begin distributions from their retirement income assets.  Now the advisor is in a difficult spot.  The client desires maximum income which is not always possible from investment assets alone.  This means that account values may be depleted. This can lead to a loss of revenue for the advisor. 

Minimum retirement income is not found in a single product.  Achieving your ideal retirement lifestyle takes planning and a strategy that involves the proper balance between your financial assets.  Our goal at Personal Pension Radio is to help you complete your financial journey and live the retirement you dream of.

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