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Maximum retirement income and a great lifestyle is not found in a single product.  Achieving your ideal retirement lifestyle takes planning and a strategy that involves the proper balance between your financial assets.  Our goal at Personal Pension Radio is to help you complete your financial journey and live the retirement you dream of.

  • Kraig- What's personal pension Radio - About?
    • Optimizing Retirement income does not happen with a product.       Mutual funds, life insurance, real estate, or annuities? None of these by themselves will help you optimize your retirement income. You must have an integrated approach.
    • Thanks to the death of private pensions, the devaluation of Social Security benefits and other undeniable factors such as inflation and increased taxes, America is now in a retirement income crisis. Personal Pension Radio show is focused on helping you pack your bags for both halves of the retirement journey. I want to help you build & protect your wealth and lifestyle today and generationally. 


Before we begin, we need to take care of a little housekeeping. Announcer clears her throat.

Information presented is for educational purposes only and is not intended for solicitation, sale or purchase of any security or financial product. Investments involves risk and unless otherwise stated are not guaranteed. Be sure to first consult with a qualified financial adviser and your tax professional before implementing any strategy discussed here. The term personal pension refers to a marketing name designed to educate future retirees and retirees about the economic principles behind creating their own self made pension or pension like income, the term personal pension is not intended to be confused with a defined benefit pension plan offered by an employer or by a government entity.

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