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In this episode, Kraig interviews Brian Eastman of Safeguard IRA & 401k Advisors about the benefits of self directed retirement accounts. With a Self Directed IRA or Checkbook Control IRA as it is also known, you can invest in anything the Internal Revenue code allows. The rules and regulations, however, are complex so we have endeavored to collect a central library of learning materials to cover most topics you will encounter in your educational process.

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In this episode, Kraig interviews professional coach, Patti Cotton. Patti Cotton and her team work primarily with professionals who are key decision-makers in corporate and business owner settings. These executives are considered highly successful – but they secretly know they are capable of more. And they are ready to go after it and get it. 

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In this episode, Kraig Strom interviews CPA Jarin Mauer.  Jarin is an expert at helping his clients take advantage of often missed tax credits, tax deductions, and tax filing options.

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You can retire or sell your business with your lifestyle intact. Don't settle for the inaccurate and incomplete advice of Financial Entertainers like Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, or Jim Cramer.  There is a better way!


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